Original Art by Mark Worthington

Local sign company owner Mark Worthington also offers original artwork of nature scenes including birds and ducks. These illustrations, paintings, and watercolors capture the essence of birds and ducks and elicit feelings of peace and tranquility.

Why birds and ducks?

These fascinating creatures are small and active in the real world, and Mark’s pieces encapsulate their stillness to illustrate the details of their beauty. Artwork of ducks and birds allows everyone to appreciate the beautiful intricacies of these creatures.

Mark’s process

Mark is a versatile artist who uses many different styles to create his original artwork. Starting with the use of color, darks, lights, brightness and texture, Mark then adds imagery from nature as well as the focal bird or birds. His use of proportions and color bring his artwork to life, and throughout the complicated process of creating his original artwork, his pieces sometimes take on a life of their own.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy or print of any of Mark Worthington’s paintings, please contact him for more information.

Click thumbnails to view examples of Mark’s artwork!

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